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2-pc Cans


2-pc Cans

DRD Draw-Redraw lines have been built by AH since 1982 starting with the typical tomato paste cans in Italy. We developed throughout the years the "tab safe" bottoms which secures ezo ends from unintended opening stacking the cans. This performant bottom does also allow downgauging to 0,16mm using DR-plate.

The patented side wall bead can allows further downgauging to 0,14mm saving > 100.000 $ per line and year (Kordyla fragen). The beads which have been ment to be covered by paper labels turned out to become a marketing feature using direct printing with even readable bar code.

The DRD-rule can  diameter  > height which is demonstrated with the 83 x 86mm "Bonduelle" can is no longer valid when other aspects such as contamination by internal laquers (BADGE) and welding seam repair issues come into play. This let to the development of high cans made from laminated steel.