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Overfill Protection

Overfill prevention, required according to the VOC directive (RL 94/63/EC dated 12/20/1994) is designed according to EN 13922. It prevents tank tucks from being overfilled while bottom loading.

It consists of the elements:

In the tank truck:

  • Overfill prevention sensor-fail-safe-according to EN 13922, (5-wire system),
  • 10-pin socket (EuroLINK) to be connected to the loading-sided overfill prevention system- according to EN 13922,
  • Grounding (bonding) using a 10-pin plug/socket (EuroLINK)- according to EN 13922.

On the gantry:

  • Overfill prevention controller (amplifier) for the automatic activation of the shut-off valve behind the meter. The different systems, 2-wire or 5-wire are taken into account automatically,
  • The cable with the 10-pin plug to connect to the tank truck socket.

After connecting the controller to the socket of the tank truck the sensors of the overfill prevention are checked for moistening. At the same time, there is equipotential bonding between the tank truck and loading gantry. If no sensor has been moistened with fluid, loading is released. If sensor in the tank truck is moistened, the loading is automatically switched off.

The complete loading island is typically shutoff when this happens, and the loading process is ended. To prevent this from happening, additional pneumatic sensor (PNS) or combination sensors (EuroBISENS) are installed which prevent the loading process by closing the respective foot valve, before switching off the VOC overfill prevention system.


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