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WiPIT Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control - WiPIT

Alfons Haar designs the WiPIT - Wireless Cockpit, a hands-free remote control for our X-Master.

Benefits WiPIT - 2335185:

  • Battery operation: up to 40h
  • Recharging within 4h while driving
  • Temperature range: -25° up to +60°C
  • OLED display
  • Hands free operation
  • Menu guidance
Benefits PreciNODE M Radio - 2335192:
  • Zone 1, no additional wiring, no installation in driver cab necessary
  • Range up to 1000m line-of-sight, reliable
  • Super small & potted
WiPIT Features:Hose reel in/out for 2 hose reels
Compartment selection
Start/Stop delivery
Emergency Stop (like Deadman)

Download our WiPIT brochure here >