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Draw Redraw (DRD)


Draw Redraw (DRD)

We offer lines for simple drawn and trimmed cans and those for redrawn and trimmed cans. Processable material is single and double reduced steel coated with tin or chrome and aluminum from 0.11mm up to 0.4mm.

Special feature is our tab safe ( for easy open ends) can bottom which allows to stack cans without touching the tab of the lower can top.

Lines are available as 1-out up to 7-out and especially small lines are designed for the use of only very few size related change parts. This reduces the tool cost per can size and allows to produce small lots economically.

  • Centered print reproduction related to the print registration
  • Processing prescrolled and straight cut sheets without adjustment
  • 100% automation by full monitoring of complete sequence
  • Linear motor driven gripper feed for redraw and trim
  • Flexibility, safety against potential can crashes

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