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With many different sizes and shapes numeric controlled sheet feed is an essential improvement for the canmaking industry. Not only flexibility but also the precision of reproducing print images, up to the point of matching embossing, has become an important factor. Alfons Haar offers different solutions with impressive features for the different shapes and types of closures.

TWIST OFF (Lug Caps)

In this application our sheet feed presses run full carbide tooling without pillars. Aside our general features our shell presses enable to produce perfect buttons for all sizes using hard button tooling. The unique hydraulic shut height compensation guarantees constant pull down and release values regardless of whether the machines are cold or warm.

CNC-E-P152200320RTCL 15/2 (Lugging and PVC Lining)
CNC-AF-P356200960RTCL 35/6 (Lugging and PVC Lining)
CNC-DF-P45S82401800RTCL 45/8 (Lugging and PVC Lining)
TPE Liner4125500PVC-FREE Lining


Plasticisers of PVC-compounds react especially with food containing oil and fat. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomere), known for a long time from crown caps, prevents this risk. AH has early on developed a special patented process which allows us to line finished caps with TPE-compounds. The special feature of running fully formed lug caps enables the stand-alone operation of the liner and the use of existing lines for the cap forming without any modification.

The machine is designed to be extremely flexible allowing our customers to line any of the shown caps and closures made from steel or aluminum with QUICK CHANGE between sizes and shapes.





AH has supplied such lines for decades. Recently we even managed to successfully test pack such caps with several baby food producers using TPE compound. We are looking forward to the imminent industrial introduction.

PP Pilfer Proof Caps

TRIMLESS allows the production of short caps, like they are typically used on metal bottles, without trim on regular sheet feed presses. This saves not only the hazzle with trim ring separation but it also saves about 5% of metal. For these short caps AH also offers TPE-Lining.

For long redrawn caps AH also offers complete lines with a capacity of 400, 800 and 1200cpm.
A special feature is our ability to provide EMBOSSING right on the sheet feed press matching the print. We also offer our QUICK CHANGE tooling which allows changing the embossing shapes in minutes.



... is our patented shell tool system to prevent the generation of angel (lacquer) hair. It plays an important role in providing clean caps especially with BPA-NI lacquers.

Compact and very flexible complete lines are available using our RTC(L) technology which allows to produce caps in lane. This means that caps are kept in same lane from the shell tool all the way to the finished cap including lining.

PVC-Lining is integrated in curl and lug-forming press with limited spinning speeds per station which reduces the consumption of compound by about 20% not pushing it up the wall.

The QUICK CHANGE option enables change times within less than 30 min for the complete line.


Please find here our brochure for more detailed information:


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Hairless Technology

Mini Lug Cap Line

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