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PreciMIX Injection Systems controlled by flow computers

Smarter Additive Injection by Alfons Haar

PreciMIX additive injection devices are pneumatic powered piston pump type injectors.

Core materials of construction are stainless steel, glas and generally chemical resistant none metal components.

One main application is road tanker onboard additivation on demand directly at the delivery.

Your application benefits using on-board additive injection

  • enhanced fuel product marketing
  • improved tanker fleet OPEX
  • eliminating excessive amount and disposal of addtive bottles
  • risk reduction

Type PreciMIX C

The PreciMIX C generation injector is optimised for PreciCONTROLand PreciFUEL

Main system capabilities and benefits

Simple integration

  • the design is very compact, low weight, offers a simplest service concept
  • PreciMIX C injectors connect directly to the PreciBUS via a PreciNODE while the PreciNODE is managed by the X-MASTER controller
  • the X-MASTER initialises the piston movement to inject 50cc with each movement
  • the injection rate is configurable in the X-MASTER by your specific fuel products

Prime injection accuracy

  • the piston's entire physical movement is monitored with 2 (!) limit switches
  • the inherent piston technology plus injection verification provides superior accuracy
  • additionally the sight glass cylinder provides a full visual inspection of the movements and the presence of additives
  • PreciCONTROL and PreciFUEL systems offer batch recalculation for advanced injection and clean line stop operation
  • delivered additive volumes are displayed in real time at the X-MASTER and printed on demand
  • additive delivery data is available for your on-board computer (OBC) hence over-the-air back office connectivities (GSM) 
  • advanced additive reservoir monitoring and status messaging is provided by PreciCONTROL

Widest application range

  • up to 4 PreciMIX C Systems can be controlled by PreciCONTROL and PreciFUEL
  • the self-priming capabilities enable excellent flushing to avoid for example fluid formations
  • option for down to -40°C / -40°F ambient temperature (consult factory)

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Type PreciMIX PDKP

The PreciMIX DKP original additive injector was designed for conventional electronic systems

Main injector capabilities and benefits

Integration options

  • the design is very compact, low weight, offers a simple service concept
  • PreciMIX injectors connect to most legacy controller Systems

    Alfons Haar

    other brand controller
    Type PDKP 50 A1 for ELZType PDKP 50 A2 for FA Sening
    Type PDKP 50 A3 for Hectronic
    consult factory for others

Dependable injector hardware

  • the piston's entire physical movement can be monitored
  • the inherent piston technology provides reliable accuracy
  • the sight glass cylinder provides a full visual inspection of the movements and the presence of additives
  • the self-priming capabilities enable flushing to avoid for example fluid formations

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