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Fuel and Lubrication Oil Market

Type DKP

DKP Flow meter mounted Additive Dosing Piston Pumps

These systems are very beneficial in extreme climate conditions and/or in the absence of any electronics.

The metering system comprising the mechanical additive piston pump type DKP is a versatile system used for metering and injection of a wide range of additive products.

Typical applications are anti-icing (aviation market sector) as well as mineral oil performance additives or markers. 

Benefits from its simplicity

  • the metering piston pump is constructed as a separate part and is made of stainless steel and roller bearing steel.
  • DKP injector pumps are direct meter coupled
  • integration requires mechanical expertise only
  • the system is easy to operate via a knob to enable or disable the proportional additive injection into the main stream
  • virtually maintenance free

Application range

  • typical nominal injection ratios are 1000, 2000 and 3000 ppm
  • the DPK injector pumps are available with 1 or 2 cylinder which enable up to 3 injector rates depending the actual cylinder activation
    • 1st cylinder active (first number in model code)
    • 2nd cyclinder active (second number in model code)
    • both cyclinder active
  • nominal pressure capability 10 bar
  • generic low temperature capable
  • NBR 872 gasket compatible fluids and conditions

Typical combinations

The DKP is typically applied to Alfons Haar PD meter type

Alfons Haar

Posititiv Displacement Flow  Meter

Injector type

1st cylinder

(Option A1 or A4)

2nd cylinder

(Option A1)

1st + 2nd cylinder


For other applications (example Satam brand meters) consult factory and the DKP Model Code

MKA 2290 (2,000 lpm)DKP 2,7 A42.7 = 1,000 ppm  
DKP 2,7- 4,8 A12.7 = 1,000 ppm4.8 = 2,000 ppm3,000 ppm
MKA 3350 (3,000 lpm) DKP 4,1 A44.1 = 1000 ppm  
DKP 4,1 - 7,1 A14.1 = 1,000 ppm7.1 = 2,000 ppm3,000 ppm