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Hose Reel


  • Service stationary delivery, heating oil delivery
  • Aircraft overwing and pressure refuelling or defuelling

The product:

Double-sided bearing hose reels from the model series HPS are known for the highest quality and service life. The pendulum bearing prevents any additional exposure of the seal to loading by twisting the truck frame. Single-sided bearing hose reels have an especially robust, i.e. over-dimensioned rolling bearing.

This resists the demands of raw tank truck operation and protects the seals. These slim hose reels are particularly user-friendly because the hose requires no manual handling when rewinding.

All hose reels are available in many sizes - for hoses 1" to 3" in diameter, and in many lengths.

The nominal pressure is, according to type, 10 to 40 bar. It is possible to pressure test when them regularly up to 21 bar without having to remove them. Flow-optimized 2.5" hub with hose mounting in 90° steps against one-sided critical load on a column 3" hub has additional 2nd coil on hose reel periphery.

The possible drives are integrated in the hose reel contour, easily accessible, with fracture-proof chain and can be used on both sides if desired:

  •  Hydraulic - this is the strongest
  •  Pneumatic - this is the most environmentally friendly
  •  Manual - this is the most independent
  •  With spring drive - this is for small hose reels

A stainless steel drive gear is available in place of the plastic drive gear.   

Also available as standard single wrap hose reels made of:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel (see picture on left hand side)

Please find here our brochure for more detailed information: