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SPDS - Sealed Parcel Delivery System

Concept of reliable loss control for unmetered deliveries

Sealed parcel delivery systems are THE proven concept for full compartment deliveries for at least the last decade. The concept is to seal any access point of the tank compartments, pipes and fittings at loading completion and providing proof of the sealing integrity until the discharge is initiated and indeed entirely completed.

The past approach of sealing concepts are based on mechanical seals (example guard bars), which clearly may not trace manipulations in every case and under no circumstances are a solution for unattended deliveries.

This capability gap has been closed with today’s electronics and truly sophisticated and specific designed tank accessories and this makes SPD systems the most reliable and cost effective solution to transport valuable fuels from a loading point to the point of sale. No valve can be opened, and no product can be removed without recognition and log along the exact time stamp.

Today’s market status

SPDS is THE solution for most deliveries into service stations and industrial receiver tanks because in particular with reasonable tour planning systems commonly far less than 1% of the deliveries require split compartment drops.

Conceptual benefits

  • Lowest total cost of ownership (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Lowest weight
  • Multi-product delivery in parallel
  • Fastest delivery due to unrestricted flow
  • No time consuming and costly meter or dip stick calibrations
  • No metering system maintenance expenditures
  • No volume data discrepancies between loading data and deliveries; inherently offering a substantial better measurement uncertainty across the terminal to nozzle supply chain
  • Virtual no limits to identify also smallest amount of losses (versus meter and electronic dipstick)
  • Extremely simple operations
  • Exception driven real-time verification also at unattended deliveries

Alfons Haar SPDS core differential advantage

  • Complies with SPDS specifications reference EN 15208
  • Tamper proof accessories treated as a core part of the technological concept proving a reliable loss control for unmetered deliveries
  • System automatic log analytics are included – no external office event analysing required
  • None erasable log
  • Expandable
    • Ability for shadowed remote communications by the FTL protocol (EN 15969-1)
    • Combinable with COP (EN 14116 – crossover prevention)
    • Combinable with DTMQ (WELMEC, paper 10.2, data transfer of measured quantities) which fundamentally enables infrastructures with accurate volume data transfer starting at the loading terminal via API couplings down to the point of sale. Utilisation of the data may enable split compartment deliveries without on-board meters but through means of additional communications provided by 3rd parties and utilisation of service station level gauges. In fact service station tank level gauges might be automatically calibrated with each SPDS delivery through 3rd party communication abilities.
    • Combinable with PreciTURBO, PreciPURE and PreciMAmetering solutions for multipurpose vehicles (using the same X-Master controller).

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