Tradition Precision Innovation

Sealed Parcel Delivery System

Theft protection system:

  • Automatic recognition of tempering
  • No additional analysis of report data in the office
  • Prevention of impermissible removal, protocol of all relevant operations and handling procedures
  • In accordance with: EN 14116 digital interface for the product recognition device, EN 15208 sealed parcel delivery systems.


  • Radio data interface according to FTL interface (EN 15969-1)

SPDS ensures that from the loading of tank trucks at the loading gantry to discharge at the petrol station, no product is "lost" unnoticed. To achieve this, all processes from loading to discharge are completely recorded. No valve can be opened, and no product can be removed without it being stored and listed at the exact time when it takes place. Depending on need,  the security depth can be specified up to "unsupervised delivery".

The SPDS is embedded in the Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL system with the intrinsically safe Alfons Haar PreciBUS technology.

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