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Liquid Petroleum Gas Market

LPG hose reel type HPSI

ALUETTE hose reel series for LPG applications are suitable for pressure class PN40.

With as little as 500 mm outer diameter these HPSI hose reels can be nicely intergrated near the LPG tank and inside a cabined if required.

HPSI 3A, high pressure hose reel for liquefied gas:

  • Reel body made of stainless steel
  • For LPG products
  • Complete mounted with mounting set for drive
  • Suitable for pneumatic motor (most common), hydraulic motor drive or hand crank.


  • Integrated hose reel monitoring, direct plugable into the PreciGAS system

Sales Flyer:

ALUette - hose reels for water, mineral oil products and LPG