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As a full range supplier, Alfons Haar offers all the accessories needed for refuelling solutions, including inline control, venturi, pumps and all tank and line equipment such as valves, man lids, vents and overfill prevention sensors and sockets.

The equipment differentiates with its reliability and superior performance. We understand, that a maximum available uptime and the shortes possible refuelling time are mission critical for ITP operators. This includes excellent data connectivity.

Outstanding is the PreciFUEL controller technology, eliminating the need for PLC's.


Alfons Haar is a full range supplier of fuel tanker equipment and systems. Our focus is on real customer added value. Our pumps are known for their outstanding performance and efficiency. The PreciCONTROL electronic represents the only automated solution based on the innovative PreciBUS concept and does not require any electrical distribution boxes. With its simplicity, it bridges the gap between state-of-the-art information and control technology and the mechanical world. The best of everything for integral solutions.

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LPG Tanker Transport Equipment

Alfons Haar offers the complete range of equipment for LPG Tanker delivery systems. Today the entire PreciGAS solution represents the most complete evolution of LPG delivery systems driven by a integral concept

Each component of the entire delivery system has been optimised and reviewed regarding added value opportunities for LPG Tanker operators and available driver support and conveniences.

The direct installation capability in ATEX Zone 1 comes as standard.

We consider a solution not as an arangement of components, we offer a real concept along a holistic approach enabling the lowest cost of ownership.

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