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Communication with the FTL protocol

PreciCONTROLPreciFUELand PreciGASsupport the open and normed Fuel Truck Link (FTL) communication protocol and comes as a standard.

The FTL communication protocol EN 15969 is the manufacturer independent standard in the industry. FTL derived from the fuel tanker industry and was jointly developed by major oils and system manufactures.

Supported Vision

Alfons Haar supports the idea of mix and match capabilities of delivery or refuelling system hardware and software solutions for the equal benefit of operators and solution providers.

Our Mission

To make things easier and reliable, Alfons Haar actively contributes to the FTL Standard development because it prevents unnecessary developments and eliminates operator’s Integration problems caused with proprietary protocols.

Your application benefits using FTL

  • Proven interface protocol.
  • Established as European Norm (EN) which is driven by the market.
  • No Vendor trap – operators enjoy unproblematic vendor selection in a competitive environment.
  • Reduced support efforts – developers can count on one standard.
  • Bi-directional communication for explicit (optional details) order execution guidance, real-time status acquisition and delivery data retrieval.
  • FTL log transfer for remote data processing and event analysing.
  • Risk reduction, less downtime, less dependencies.

DIN EN 15969-1:2018-03

FTL Standard also used in the LPG road tanker sector

We recognised established FTL communications for example with the LPG tanker industry software providers “TIS GmbH" and “OPTITOOL".

More information

For more details and download of the public available but copyright protected protocol description you may search for

  • “Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Digital interface for the data transfer between tank vehicle and with stationary facilities - Part 1: Protocol specification - Control, measurement and event data”
  • “DIN EN 15969-1:2018-03”

Please contact us for support needs, we offer supportive developer documents and kits on request.