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PreciFUEL Solutions for Aircraft and Helicopter Refuelling

PreciFUEL is the most advanced generation of aircraft refuelling systems and already established as the next standard for into-plane refuelling service providers.

PreciFUEL enables more safe and cost effective automated aircraft refuelling, without electrical distribution boxes or generically only limited supported PLC code. The entire concept is based on the proven PreciCONTROL technology.

The systems are suitable for new build refuellers and hydrant dispensers. But also as your ideal retrofit solution. The later approach enables mechanical systems to be elevated to current standards or is the easiest replacement method for insufficient supported or none compliant PLC systems and registers. Existing flow meters might be reused on a case by case base.

The solution works out of the box with a simple but specific configuration to your requirements versus common customized programming required with other approaches on the market. Therefore PreciFUEL comes as a fully proven system also for 1st time customers.

Your application benefits using PreciFUEL

  • Compliant with ATEX, MID and other codes and standards.
  • All-in-one X-Master controller system eliminates the requirement for separate registers, PLC’s and sub systems.
  • PreciBUS eliminates requirements for junction boxes and excessive installations.
  • Integral diagnostic's for time saving self-maintenance. Beside its reliability in the first place most service works can be executed by your own team.
  • FTL protocol connectivity to aviation industry software providers
  • Risk reduction, less downtime, less dependencies, less operator risk.

Centralised all-in-one controller

The X-Master manages the entire interlock system and fuel flow, including filter water separator status control and saturation log. Tank level inventory gauging and chassis interfacing for motor and pump power on demand is also included. Dispenser pantographs and lift control are coming as standard.

The X-Master provides full FTL standard connectivity with higher level data management system and available with standard LCD or low temperature capable OLED technology for a prominent clearer display.

One central workplace, automated and simple to maintain!

Advanced BUS Structure

The PreciBUS enables full wiring transparency for simplest visual traceability at lower installation cost.

The PreciBUS provides the required electrical power and system wide communications to the individual PreciNODES which are acting as the local I/O interfaces across the entire refueller or dispenser.

The simplest installation works for the 1st time every time and minimises the testing time! The PreciBUS is the key for centralised Information but decentralised I/O.

Decentralised Input and Outputs

PreciNODEs represent the input and output interface to virtually any kind of sensors, valves or actuators and act as LED based maintenance free display, indicator or work space illumination.

PreciNODEs withstand the harshest environmental conditions through a potted design, offer ingress protection type IP67 and comply with ATEX Zone 1 requirements.

Applied also to military and marine applications, it certainly underlines they're trustworthy.

The connectivity to the entire PreciBUS system is provided by a fast and simple piercing technology.

The X-Master can diagnose through the PreciBUS any PreciNODE and its connections status to sensors. Any malfunction is identified in detail, even prior to you recognising it. This allows for example identification of broken wires or other problems.

In the unlikely event of a fatal damage of a PreciNODE itself, a PreciNODE can be exchanged in minutes by a plug and play concept even by common field staff and without software service requirements while the ATEX integrity remains untouched.

PreciNODE examples:

  • PreciNODE I4/O3 for 4 electronic inputs featured with M12 quick connection sockets and 3 active pneumatic outputs for valve and similar operations. Extra solenoid valves are not required.
  • PreciNODE M AI4...20 for analogue signal inputs featured with M12 quick connector socket.
  • PreciNODE ODIS – Flat LED super bright overhead display always 100% accurate to the actual delivered amounts shown on the display or direct printed ticket. The brightness adjusts automatically according daylight measurement which comes as a standard.
  • PreciNODE M Lux RGB LED module act as multi-colour capable status indicators or automatically activated super bright working area illuminations.
  • PreciNODE M RFID offers undoubted driver and supervisor identification.
  • PreciNODE M Inclino may detect and prevent unsafe operations for lifting platforms.

Functionality and configuration

The PC based configuration and service software type Workbench enables the set-up specifically to the operator’s individual requirements. The software provides automatically "as build" drawings, parts list in advance or enables a real-time system read-out. Effortlessly your documentation is 100% accurate at any time when you use PreciFUEL.

Back office connectivity

Operation modes

  • Standard and free configurable operating modes such as loading, underwing refueling, overwing refueling, defueling, circulation or any other free configurable mode.

Efficiency and accuracy

  • Energy management – automated demand optimized power management covering engine, PTO and pump control (driver independent!) for less fuel consumption and proportional less wear.
  • In combination with the Alfons Haar inline pressure control, PreciFUEL offers the fastest refuelling to reduce aircraft turnaround times.
  • As required PreciFUEL is preset capable for pre-paid customers along most accurate delivery with the adaptive preset system. Eliminating manual delivery valve adjustment services and also large overhead display's will never deviate.
  • Integrated electronic tank gauging with compartment shape and wave compensation eliminates extra electronics and provides inventory information to the field operator, on display and to the remote office for advanced planning.


  • Automatic functions  for parking brake with extended anti-rool prevention.
  • Integrated Filter Water Separator (FWS) automatic water drain & slug detection during delivery with slug Alarm.
  • FWS condition monitoring for additional safety and better operational planning through configurable DP curves for integrity warning, shut-off and maximum Coalescer-Element saturation including a predicted status feature. There is no separate electronic required.
  • Detection of free water in the stream through direct integration of 3rd party sensors like AFGUARD with trending and logging.
  • Control of pantograph & lifting platform covering antennas and inclination monitoring.
  • RFID identification enables for example traceability of safety relevant activities
  • Save and configurable interlock override options when uptime supersedes with full logging and transfer via FTL to your office.
  • Emergency Deadman function if wired or wireless system fails. If required this covers also 3rd party deadmen system.
  • Automated draining of recovery tank simplifies handling of dangerous fuel.
  • Integrated capabilities for real-time density measurement with Alfons Haar DIS 1A sensor.

Future proof and compatibility

The system is solely based on industry standards in avoidance of vendor proprietary solutions as far as possible.

System connectivity examples:

  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Serial communication
  • Digital ON/OFF I/O
  • 4-20mA
  • Pneumatic signals

Real-time diagnostic and easy PreciBUS expansion offer future proofing.

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