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Vapor Recovery Couplings

Due to the VOC directive (RL 94/63/EC dated 12/20/1994) there is a Europe-wide limitation of emissions in the storage and loading of petrol fuels. It is ensured that no petrol vapour escapes to the atmosphere, from loading to the petrol station.

The components required for this were developed by Alfons Haar and were tested and certified by an independent institution (TUEV) for function and meeting legal specifications (VOC, ADR, Ex protection, EN standards).

 Alfons Haar has all the fittings/valves for the various systems:

  • Systems in which the venting exhaust into the vapour collection manifold. These are in use Europe-wide, because this system permits the simultaneous operating of up to 5 loading arms.
  • Systems where the pressure and vacuum breather vent in the tank compartment exhaust directly into the atmosphere. Here only 3, or a maximum of 4 loading arms can be operated simultaneously.

 The following components are part of VOC system: