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Sheet Feed Presses

Sheet Feed Presses

In addition to providing machinery and controls, we also care for transport systems up to turnkey installations.

In cooperation with our tool shop, Alfons Haar Incorporated in Springboro, Ohio, we also offer the development and production of all required tooling.

Quick changeover becomes more important as dedicated lines are rather an exception nowadays. We offer several increments down to 10 min change time including die change.

AH presses:
  • Designed to run aluminum, SR, DR, tin and TFS plate
  • Square or scroll cut and sheet sizes up to 1000 x 1200mm
  • Clip and scratch free operation
  • Web 0.6mm (OF 0.8mm)
  • High precision for printed products
  • Highest flexibility for fast change over

Please find here our brochures for more detailed information:

  • CNC-AF-P(V)15          Automatic sheet feed press, capacity 15t
  • CNC-E-P(V)15           Automatic sheet feed press and metal savings
  • CNC-DF-AF-P35(d)           Automatic sheet feed press, capacity 35t
  • CNC-CF/DF-P40S           Automatic sheet feed press, capacity 40
  • CNC-OF(G)-P-125           Multi-die sheet feed press, capacity 125t
  • CNC CONTROL           Computerized Numeric Control MK5