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Valve & Couplings

Alfons Haar 'as a full-range supplier' supplies with its systems all accessories for equipping tank trucks, including all necessary fittings.

The components offered are developed and manufactured by Alfons Haar in compliance with legal requirements and according to internationally recognized technical certifications.

This one-stop-shop offer is an additional measure of our quality!

  •  Foot Valves from DN 65 to DN 150, in 90 ° or T-shape, with typical TW-flanges (DIN 28459) or square flanges, pressure balanced or non pressure balanced according to EN 13316 and EN 13308
  •  SPDS capable
  •  Double seal prevents air bubbling in measuring units and liquid infiltration/product in the pneumatic system, even if the seal fails! Since the pneumatic system is not product- resistant, liquid infiltration can cause significant problems for the pneumatic system. Air bubbling in the measuring unit leads to measurement inaccuracy and frequent switching off of the measuring unit.
  • Vapour transfer valve (vent valve, PKV, PKVF) according to EN 13082. Pressure and vacuum breather vent ( integrated in the vapour transfer valve) according to EN 14595
  • Flame arrester (LTD) according to EN 12874 to be used for E 85 as well
  • Vapour transfer adaptator according to EN 13081
  • Adaptator for bottom loading and unloading (API,MAPI,PAPI) according to EN 13083 API & MAPI: SPDS - capable due to integrated position sensor
  • Trailer connection coupling
  • Shutoff valves for pipeline construction
  • Check valves from DN 40 to DN 150
  • Quick-action shutoff valves, one- and two-stage for measuring units
  • Ball valves and Butterfly valves. All valves, even if they are not covered by a standard, are tested and approved according to ADR as 2nd shutoff valve (TUE.AGG.Nr...)
  • Manhole cover according to EN 13317, EN 13314, EN 13094, according do ADR made of high elongation aluminuum material. Also for countersunk installation.
  • Collectors for mixture-free loading and discharge of each tank compartment