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Sanitary & Easy Open Ends




Sanitary Ends and Shells

This application covers ordinary ends as well as Easy Open Ends for which we offer up to turnkey complete lines with quality inspection and packing included. All machinery and tooling is designed and produced within the Haar-Group.

  • Processable material is single and double reduced steel coated with tin or chrome (TFS) and aluminum from 0.11mm up to 0.3mm also laminated plate is possible
  • Lines are available from 1-out full sheet zig-zag (250epm) up to 16-out non zig-zag straight feed (4000epm).

Special features are our downgauge PRECISION-FORM dies which enable the unlimited use of double reduced steel without thinning and warping allowing metal thickness reduction up to 25% without performance restrictions.

Actual BPA-NI laquers generate a lot of angel hairs. Our HAIRLESS (patented) tool technology prevents the generation of such contamination.


  • Processing of prescrolled and straight cut sheets without modification
  • Thin web (0.6 zig-zag and 0.8 mm for straight feed) for highest sheet metal economy
  • 100% automation by 100% monitoring of the complete sequence

Please find here more detailed information:

CNC-E-P151250200single curler, single head liner
CNC-AF-P3562601150double curler, double head liner
CNC-DF-P2562601380single curler, rotary liner
CNC-AF-P4072001150double curler, double head liner
CNC-DF-P4072001300single curler, rotary liner
CNC-DF-P40s72601680single curler, rotary liner
CNC-OF(G)-P1259/99mm2602340double curler, double rotary liner
CNC-OF(G)-P12515/73mm2603900double curler, double rotary liner


Easy Open Ends

We offer conversion presses from 1- up to 4-out with 600spm up to 99mm (401) size. All standard systems are laid out for 99mm (401) with the option of quick change to smaller sizes. Also the change from alu to steel tabs is supported to enable quick change. Our tab design offers highest economy combined with perfect performance.



Please find here our brochure for more detailed information: