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Fuel tanker delivery system for service station, bulk and industrial deliveries by gravity, pumped + hose reel

PreciPURE tank truck delivery systems are the all-in-one solution and designed for high discharge rates of large volumes either metered or direct delivered. PreciPURE is based on the Alfons Haar helical turbine flow meter enabling also split compartment deliveries.

At direct delivery the flow is not restricted through the very low pressure drop Alfons Haar unique manifold system and achieves the fastest possible discharges.

In addition to PreciTURBOthis system includes also a manifold integrated pump, filter and pump bypass selectable for each delivery.

PreciPURE enables parallel multi-product/compartment deliveries of Diesel, Gasoline’s, Jet fuel (Jet, Kerosene, AVGAS) and by different methods simultaneously.

Delivery methods

  • Metered and direct discharge
  • Pumped and gravity discharge
  • Wet hose and dry hose delivery

Differential advantage of zero contamination

The turbine technology based metering system PreciPURE 1200 (new) and 1350 (legacy) are proven as a fully dryable metering system, hence completely clean and does not require unproductive system flushing.

The nominal DN100 sized turbine meter outlet is featured with a X-Master controlled two-stage shut-off valve for a metered flow rate up to 1,000 LPM. Application dependent the flow rate might well exceed 1,000 LPM without technical concerns (example high speed pumping without measurement). The system leaves the meter within seconds fully drained after delivery, ready for the immediate product change if required.

The meter can be used in parallel to a multi compartment direct delivery to enable time saving split compartment deliveries.

In addition the system offers fully automated compartment sequencing; this means discharging multiple compartments with the same product through one metered hose connection. Jumper hoses are not required which safes weight, time and eliminates environmental and human resource risks.

Expandable capabilities on demand

PreciPURE is based on PreciCONTROL, the only future proof PreciBUS driven system on the market. PreciBUS establishes communications across the entire delivery system components without any junction box, is weight and measures type approved, IP 67 and ATEX Zone 1 (intrinsically safe) certified. The system may also feature:

One X-Master controls simultaneously metered and direct deliveries, pumped or by gravity in parallel plus

Differential advantages beyond other systems

Alfons Haar focuses on the best driver conveniences and fleet operator competiveness through continues improvement strategies in cooperation with customers. PreciPURE offers for example:

  • Simpler operation, one controller for all functionalities
  • Single access point for back office data communication (FTL protocol) >
  • Safe and system guided workflow (example automatic prevention of gasoline pumping)
  • ZERO contamination
  • Widest application range; accurate small batch or very fast large quantity deliveries
  • Eliminates common cargo isle pump, their installation brackets, piping, filter and weight.
  • Very low bottom line system weight
  • Compact design; factory pre-manufactured kits shipped for plug and play integration
  • PreciBUS and integral diagnostics for fast and superior tanker builder and field support
  • Simple and low calibration cost enabling low operational expenditures
  • Meter / inventory real-time check feature

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