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Product Return Spout with Monitoring Function

The Alfons Haar unique product return spout assembly enables monitored and automated product (line) changes back into the correct product compartment of a multi-product carrying tank truck.

With Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL fully automated and consistently reliable product changes

In the event of a product change requirement on a road tanker wet hose measurement system, the original used product compartment will be automatically closed, the Alfons Haar automated manifold drained (verified) and the correct new product compartment opened.

The previous product in wetted sections and hose is automatically returned through the compartment dedicated product return spout and the correct operator selection of the spout will be verified to prevent compartment cross-over and product tampering.

In case of a physical missing or in error made hose connection to a spout, the system will stop and indicate a required correcting nozzle handling to the driver.

At the end of the return process the system will automatically blow down (dry) the connection for clean handling and the new product is in the nozzle ready for delivery.

  • unique cross-over prevention – product return always into correct compartment
  • unique tampering prevention – enables loss control
  • integrated blow-down
  • directly installed between manifold and API coupling

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