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General Line

General Line

This business covers infinite numbers of shapes and sizes of components. From the very beginning of modern sheet feed 1978 AH adressed the needs of this industry providing:

- highest flexibility by 10min complete change over incl. tool change
- preloaded playfree ram guidance allowing pillarless tooling especialy for 1-out applications
- high speed to limit the no-out tooling and thus the investment in the individual product

TT Triple Tight
For Rings and Plugs AH offers special tooling and systems making the plugs in one hit only and producing the rings in a gentle way allowing downgauging by use of double reduced plate. Example is 153 (603) made from 0,18mm DR

Single Hit Curl
To run back end free and thus reduce the investment and complexity for changing over AH offers a number of combined function single hit tooling solutions.

In cooperation with other suppliers we offer complete lines for tops. For downgauging of bottoms AH developed special tooling reducing the gauge by typicaly 20% using dr plate.

Directly from sheet rather than from narrow coil AH suplies lines for up to 2000cpm which are running at major valve producers. The combination of going from wide sheet and eliminating the trimming saves significantly cost allowing extreme short ROI.

Please find here our brochure for more detailed information: