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Overfill Prevention for mobile tanks

Overfill Prevention for mobile tanks

The tank truck (for liquid fuels) Overfill Prevention System OPS is strictly designed according to EN 13922. It prevents tank trucks from being overfilled while bottom loading.

It consists in general of the following components:

In the tank truck:

  • Overfill prevention sensor 5-wire, fail safe, EuroSENS for each compartment
  • 10 pin socket EuroLINK C to be connected to the terminal loading controller

On the gantry/terminal side:

  • Terminal loading controller. This controller is driving the EuroSENS in the tank truck and is automatically detecting 2-wire and 5-wire systems in the tank trucks
  • A cable from the terminal controller with the 10 pin plug, to be connected to the 10 pin socket of the tank truck

The EuroLINK C and the new OPS EuroSENS are designed for plug & play installation. This allows a very time-saving simple and error free installation. No amount of cabling any more!

Optional the new EuroLINK C+ and EuroLINK PC+ are capable to make a pre-gantry system check by simply pushing a button on the EuroLINK C. The EuroLINK PC+ is seamlessly integrated in the Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL applications and is e.g. using the one single EuroSENS per compartment also for selfloading overfill prevention.



For any 2-wire OPS applications in the compartments and/or replacement activities of the tank truck we recommend our still existing standard EuroSENS and EuroLINK.

This standard also allows the integration of the double sensors EuroBiSENS (5-wire plus an integrated pneumatic high level sensor PNS) and/or EuroSENS 5 LMS (5-wire plus optical wet leg high level sensor LMS).



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