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Overfill Protection for static tanks (EN 13616-2)


The AS-Monitor amplifier in combination with a PTC sensor (positive temperature coefficient) is an Overfill Prevention System OPS / AS (for liquid fuels application) for static tanks. The system is strictly designed according to EN 13616 (the PTC sensor) and EN 16657 (the amplifier). It prevents static tanks from being overfilled e.g. while loading from a tank truck

Such a system consists in general of the following components:

In the tank truck:

  • an AS-Monitor amplifier
  • an AS cable reel with the socket

In the static tank:

  • the PTC sensor
  • an electrical or mechanical interface

The AS-Monitor is the amplifier to drive the connected OPS PTC sensor. The PTC sensor needs to be fail-safe. Once electrical powered on from the amplifier, the PTC sensor is doing automatically a self-test and is indicating afterwards whether loading will be permitted or not. The operational temperature range of the liquids for the OPS sensor is – 25°C to + 50°C.

The AS-Monitor amplifier is ATEX approved for zone I. The display is showing all operating conditions.



For any LPG liquid applications we have the AS-LPD-Monitor available.



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