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Wireless Remote Control - WiPIT

WiPIT is the innovative designed remote control for PreciCONTROL fuel and LPG road tanker delivery systems.

This wireless solution is compatible with all PreciCONTROL systems and allows driver's full remote control of the delivery system including automated line changes when used with multi-fuel tankers, ticket print request and more.

WiPIT is the tanker driver’s most advanced wireless cockpit on the market and the only one supporting the entire delivery aspects.

Convenient and efficient

Because system user’s convenience is mandatory, the WiPIT is typically but not necessarily worn on the driver’s arm and both hands remain free, reducing the risk to drop or forget the valuable remote control.

If not downloaded through a back-office solution, drivers can easily prepare all delivery activities at the PreciCONTROL X-Master and pull the hose to the customer's tank while the system synchronised the WiPIT.

Once the driver confirms his readiness, the system will automatically sequence the diesel motor start, the PTO engagement and commence the delivery with low flow, followed by high flow.

With the real-time flow rate, pre-set and delivered volume or automated compartment operations on the WiPIT display, the driver is more informed than ever and has no need to return to the tanker for any delivery modifications.

Drivers may interrupt the delivery, modify the pre-set volume and line changes, request low flow, or get text and alarm information.

Every delivery will finish spot on at the pre-set delivery volume including automated line changes and the ticket printing is completed while the hose is rewinding.

Remote control as it should be, less miles to walk and more efficient operation.

Special functionality for LPG applications

WiPIT has been optimized for Alfons Haar PreciGAS LPG metering applications. This includes customer tank filling level entry acquisition at the customer tank prior and after tank operations.

Compressor operations are now controlled from the WiPIT, for example remote controlled change between pressure and vacuum operations in the event of tank inspection services.

Awarded for the enhanced safety

Because of our passion for safety, WiPIT is ATEX certified and can be retrofitted easily to existing PreciCONTROL systems in a matter of minutes. 

Drivers can handle the delivery hose now with both hands again and work safer on slippery grounds.

The WiPIT offers motion detection not only for automatic display orientation but may also act as an extended driver guard during unattended delivery operations. Operators may want the system configured such it reacts on missing driver movements and issue after a specified time an alarm at the road tanker to raise attention. This might be combined with text messaging and vibration notifications for the driver.

Health & Safety has long been a central part of the Alfons Haar design philosophy - Alfons Haar’s Wireless Cockpit WiPIT has been awarded the APEA Health & Safety Performance Award.

Your application benefits using WiPIT

WiPIT enables not only convenient operations but saves also delivery time, motor diesel and equipment wear.

  • Excellent range for reliable operation
  • Hands free operation
  • OLED display for superior viewing
  • Start and Stop operation
  • Low flow request
  • Pre-set volume change
  • Compartment control and line/product change for multi-product tanker
  • Hose reel in/out for 2 hose reels
  • Gesture control capability
  • Driver motion guard
  • Driver vibration alert
  • Text messaging and driver entry aquistion
  • Remote print request
  • Long battery life up to 40h with typical operations, charge via USB charger (X-Master operation remains possible if WiPIT becomes unavailble)
  • Temperature range: -25° up to +60°C
  • ATEX Zone 1 certified
  • Retrofit capable with all PreciCONTROL systems

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