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Alfons Haar Vane pumps

The entire pump portfolio receives frequently state-of-the-art optimisations and provides superior pump performance paired with efficiency and reliability.

Newest complete re-designs enabled a significant reduction in weight, size and noise while flow rate capacity and pressure capability are increased.

Drive methods range from hydraulic and electric Motors to propshaft or direct PTO coupled designs. 

These pumps are applied to mobile and stationary applications and customer proven in civil and under military requirements since decades.

Typical installations

  • Tank trucks for domestic fuel delivery or service station and industrial supply line of heating fuels, diesel, gasolines and bio fuel grades
  • Aircraft refuelling with jet fuels ranging from JET, kerosene to AVGAS
  • Stationary e-motor pump systems

Your application benefits using Alfons Haar pumps

  • Highest efficiency
  • Self-priming
  • Reversible
  • Pulse-free operation
  • Low weight
  • Easy installation in truck chassis
  • Fantastic service life and easy service
  • Blow out function for product change
  • Delivery output range from 50 l/min up to 4000 l/min
  • Differential pressure up to 10 bar

Optional solutions

  • Optimized 5-way and 7-way valve with manual quantity regulation
  • Pneumatic operated relief valve, also for quantity regulation
Self priming vane pump sizes: DN 50 - DN 150
OverviewAll pumps by typical application
PTO-FITPropshaftless driven tank truck vane pump up to 600 l/min
FPO 65up to 940 l/min; p= 10 bar
FTPup to 1000 l/min; p= 8 bar, TruckFIT - with integral multi-valve used with draw-bar trailers
FPF 80.1up to 1000 l/min; p= 8 bar
FPF 80.2up to 1200 l/min; p= 8 bar
FPO 80up to 1230 l/min; p= 10 bar
FPO 100up to 1600 l/min; p= 7 bar
FPQ 150up to 2500 l/min; p= 7 bar