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Manhole Cover Assembly

The manhole cover assembly is designed according to the legal specifications (ADR) according to EN 13094, EN 13317 and EN 13314. Safety is the highest priority here!

To ensure this, the entire manhole cover plate, as well as the fill hole cover (according to EN 13314) is manufactured out of tough aluminum material with 12% elongation ( EN 13094, No.5.2), as is required in ADR 2007 (

On the manhole cover plate (inner Ø 500) in addition to the fill hole cover (inner Ø 250) according to EN 13314, the

  • vapour transfer valve according to EN 13082 with flame arrester (LTD) according to EN 12874,
  • overfill prevention sensor- fail-safe- according to EN 13922, (5- wire system and 2- wire system),
  • and if necessary, an additional pneumatic sensor (PNS) or
  • pneumatic/electronic sensor (EuroBISENS) is mounted.

Together with a weld-in ring (ESR), the complete manhole cover can be installed countersunk. A partial countersunk is also typical. An additional rain cover, opening or fixed, prevents the infiltration of water and dirt.


Please find here our brochure for more detailed information:

 ADR compliant Man Hole Cover / Weld-In Ring