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Ship based fuelling

Solutions for Ship based Refuelling of Tender and Helicopter

Market unique designed modular systems for helicopter refuelling on ships.

Major differential advantages are

  • ATEX and other approvals available
  • A single cable between modules saving massive installation cost, reduce weight and risk
  • Military specification available on request

All helicopter refuelling system from us are equipped with the PreciCONTROL technology.

  •  HRS Class S (small) for nominal flow rates of 100, 165, 205 l/min
  •  HRS Class M (medium) for nominal flow rates of 250, 315 l/min
  •  HRS Class M2 (medium extended) for nominal flow rates of 405, 500, 620 l/min
  •  HRS Class L (large) for nominal flow rates of 740, 940 l/min
  •  HRS Class XL (extra large) for nominal flow rates of 1180, 2360 l/min

 Leaflet "HRS Refuelling Module (RM)"

Inflight Helicopter Refuelling

Helicopter inflight refuelling (HIFR):



Boat Refuelling System

Modular systems for refuelling of boats, water toys and filling of fuel cans on board of a ship

Diesel and Gasoline ready



  • Self service capable
  • Causes no mess or spills – clean handling
  • Easy handling by pneumatic hose rewinding
  • Capacity approx. 70 l/min


  • Compact smart-profile design
  • Monitoring and control of up to two tanks possible
  • Integration of bunker connection on demand
  • Pump and refuelling module always hazardous zone proof
  • Complete bunker equipment for ex-tanks available


  • Pump module with (two) redundant pumps
  • Connected to internal monitoring control system IMCS via Ethernet

Refuelling System:

BRS Refuelling System